Hi !

I'm Stéphane Juban, I'm 28 and I'm a computer science engineer. I live somewhere in France with my amazing wife Morgane and my two little hairy monsters : Chipo & Chouquette.

Stéphane Juban picture
That's me !

I love to create things and give life to my ideas. I'm currently building a startup with my wife and this is a great adventure ! We are on a mission to help veterinarians and horse owner to better protect their horses from illness...

Topics that I care about involve : #startup, #entrepreneur, #tech, #music, #photography, #motoGP

For 2016, I challenged myself to do a Project 366, you can found it here is you are curious enough. BTW, I succeeded !

Other than that, I'm a former motorcycle rider, former Data Engineer from the MotoGP World Championship but I still enjoy a lot watching races, I'm a competitor at heart.

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